Game Developer
We are actively looking for a talented Game Developer with strong gaming and computer science background to join our core engineering team and work on high quality online multiplayer games. You will be responsible for the implementation of gameplay mechanics and the building of 3D creative engineering solutions to fulfill our long-term game design vision. You will be working with a team to develop large-scale games for multiple platforms and social networks.
  • Lead and help build new key features for release and ongoing live game operation
  • Designs, develops, writes, tests and implements game system code and authoring tools
  • Work closely with systems and platform engineers to ensure efficient client/server communication
  • Help define, establish and enforce best practices for the team
  • Contributes ideas towards game production and development
  • Work collaboratively with designers and artists to bring the game to life
  • Ensure game performance benchmarks are met

Required Skills:
  • Strong programming knowledge in C++ and OpenGL ES 2.0.
  • Solid understanding of algorithms, math, physics, and performance constraints
  • Experience of working with the Facebook API or other web APIs
  • Excellent experience of 3D graphics.
  • should have excellent programming skills resulting in clean & optimized code
  • Must have created at least 3 games which are publicly available
  • Must have experience in application development and work in a team
  • Knowledge of Game Engine like Unity 3D or equivalent.
  • Good understanding or knowledge in Physic Engine such as PhysX is a plus
if you meet these requirements, please send your resume to Principals only