Application Testing Services
Taking care of minute things for effective big results We have developed methodologies and processes which help optimizing IT testing while enhancing quality. Our team has proven experience in using leading automated test tools by Mercury, Rational, and Segue in-depth domain knowledge and expertise in projects. We have state-of-the-art testing lab with latest tools to successfully test applications in multiple environments.

We hire excellent technical resources having high IQ and equip them with the best testing automation tools and environment to execute time-critical testing projects. By seeking Tecreos IT testing services, you can focus on optimizing your in-house resources to your core and mission-critical functions.

Our service offerings include:

Functional Testing -
Tecreos has expertise in testing new and regression functionality of software application / products through Alpha, Beta and FCR release phases. Our team specialises in identifying defects involved in application/ product development by carefully reviewing the functionality and end-user roles, plan the test coverage, develop Use case scenarios and test scripts to test all documented features in a prioritized manner. Our team has experience in testing Web services/applications/sites, ERP applications Desktop and Multi-tier applications. Our test engineers have skills in various Web/App/SQL servers, C++/ C#/VB/Java/J2EE/ and test tools from Compuware, HP, Rational, and Open source.

Test Automation
Tecreos Test Automation services are aimed at making repeat regression testing of products quicker, precise, and flawless. Our team focuses on reducing overall testing cycle time, enhancing testing productivity and as a result, improving product quality.

Our testing engineers are well equipped with good understanding of best practices of automation and know-how of several industry standard commercial and open source test tools. We therefore, suggest right test tool to automate testing for your product.

Tecreos Test Automation Framework ensures that components, once created, can be reused and leveraged across projects, thus maximizing the value of test automation suites.

Our team has experience in automated test tools such as HP / Segue / Rational / AutomatedQA / Compuware/ Selenium / Visual Studio Team Test 2008 /FrogLogic Squish.

Performance testing
Tecreos testing engineers offer load, stress and capacity testing services for Web, Application and Database servers performance.

For load testing, our test engineers measure server response times to validate if the application can sustain expected maximum number of simultaneous users and expected maximum size of the database.

For stress testing our test engineers measure server response time starting from low load, medium load through maximum load to validate application's stability and validity. And for Capacity test, our engineers determine the highest number of simultaneous users an application can manage without compromising response time.

Our team keeps track of Connect time, Send Time, Process Time, Transaction time, Receive Time, Response Time, and Round Time during the testing. Tecreos test engineers team has expertise in the usage of load test tools like Rational, Radview, Mercury and Open Source.

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